Trade Deadline


The Dodgers looking to add another ace to the rotation. Could David Price be on his way to Los Angeles?
The Dodgers looking to add another ace to the rotation. Could David Price be on his way to Los Angeles?

The trade deadline is quickly approaching and the things are about to heat up. Teams will be looking to buy for a pennant/Wild Card run or Sell for the future, while other teams will have to decide if it’s worth pushing for the playoffs or trading a player or 2 for MLB ready prospects. One way or another we are bound to see something big happen on July 31st. The Trade Deadline will also be huge for the Dodgers, who find themselves leading the NL West but in need of some help. They have their rivals from the bay in the San Francisco Giants trailing them by a game, The back-end of their rotation is basically a game of musical chairs, and the Bullpen is in need of some help. With this team in prime position to make a run at the pennant and a deep run in October you can believe that the Dodgers will look at adding some help.

  Starting pitching has been on the Dodgers radar for a while now. Throughout the season the Dodgers backend of the rotation has been depleted with injuries and poor pitching. Los Angeles right now are already getting production from Zack Greinke, whos having a great season, Clayton Kershaw has found his groove, and the duo of Mike Bolsinger and Brett Anderson has held up pretty well thus far but the 5th starter has been very troublesome. This is where Los Angeles has to find another starter or two at that and there are plenty of Starting pitchers that are on the block. Johnny Cueto (Royals) and Scott Kazmir (Astros) were traded already which takes two pitchers off the Dodgers lost, but guys like David Price and Cole Hamels still there. Cole Hamels name been in trade talks for almost a season or two, the Dodgers have been linked to him due to the team having the prospects and money to acquire the Phillies pitchers. There is however one problem with acquiring Hamels and thats the price. The Phillies have asked the Dodgers for elite prospects which include Julio Urias and/or Corey Seager, 2 prospects that the Dodgers are dead set against moving in any type of trade. David Price on the other may come at a cheaper price than Hamels due to Price being in the final year of his contract. The problem that comes with David Price is that the Tigers may become buyers due to their positioning in the race to the postseason (3.5 games back of the 2nd Wild Card spot) and with Miguel Cabrera on his way back, Detroit may go all in. Again the Dodgers have the money and prospects to get a David Price, from the Tigers, something that can help Detroit moving forward. There are other pitchers like Dan Haren, Mike Leake, Jordan Zimmerman, Yovani Gallardo to name a few. Its possible the Dodgers could trade for Hamels/Price and add another starter to the rotation come July 31st.

  The Bullpen on the other hand is a story itself. Dodgers bullpen has gotten knocked around left and right (Bullpen ranked 12th in the NL with 3.39 ERA). Whether it’s Don Mattingly’s mismanagement of the bullpen, Rick Honeycutt, the Front office not doing enough to help the bullpen, or just the wrong guys in there the Dodgers do need help in there and if the team wants to see the postseason then July 31st they have to acquire a bullpen arm. Closers like Jonathan Papelbon, Craig Kimbrel, and Alrodis Chapman are on the market and the Dodgers could kick the tires on one of the three to compliment Kenley Jansen out the Pen. One thing the Dodgers could do is talk to the Rangers, Phillies, Marlins, and Padres to acquire an effective bullpen arm and starting pitcher in one deal. If anything Los Angeles should go after two arms for the bullpen and heres why. Los Angeles has been getting some solid production from Bolsinger and Anderson while the bullpen outside of JP Howell, Juan Nicasio, and Kenley Jansen continue to struggle.

  Things are bound to get interesting for the Dodgers as we get closer to the Trade Deadline. If you ask me I don’t have a good feeling about the Dodgers acquiring Cole Hamels or David Price at the deadline. Phillies won’t back away from asking for Julio Urias or Corey Seager and the Tigers appear to be in buy mode going forward. I do believe the Dodgers will grab a starting pitcher and a bullpen arm moving forward. Los Angeles has to do something to hold off the Giants and make a deep run in October to bring the franchise to their first World Series since 1988.



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