Opening Day is Here!


It’s finally here. Opening Day has finally made its way. Congratulations! Go on and pat yourself on the back because you survived Winter Meetings and the Crazy Off-Season, The long number of days without baseball (Unless you followed the Fall Rookie Leagues and the Winter Leagues), and you managed to get through Spring Training. We have made to the games that really count. Every year we get something different that doesn’t fail to surprise us. How many saw Orlando Hudson’s Cycle in 2009 against the Giants? What about Clayton Kershaw’s Home Run and complete game in 2013? Dodger Stadium’s 50th Anniversary? So many great moments that happens on this day.

As many of you go to the Stadium, or probably left, I remind you to be prepared for the madness that will take place around the Stadium. This year the Dodgers and LAPD restricted tailgating at Elysian Park. Whether that will TRULY be enforced or not remains to be the biggest mystery of them all. Also make sure you bought advanced parking as the Dodgers increased the parking to $20 this season. If you don’t want to drive then you can take public transportation to the Stadium. It’s less of a hassle and cheap. You can take the Dodger Stadium express from Union Station which drops you off in front of the Pavilions and Top Deck. If you live in the South Bay area then for the first time this season you can take Dodger Stadium Express from Harbor Gateway Center straight to Dodger Stadium and back. Each are free with a game ticket and you don’t have to sit in traffic. It’ll be a Sold Out game so be prepared and get there early.

This season will be very interesting because the Dodgers will be fielding a completely different team. Howie Kendrick and Jimmy Rollins will be turning double plays after many years facing the Dodgers (Howie with the Angels and Rollins with the Phillies). Joc Pederson will likely be opening the season with Yasiel Puig, who didn’t start last year after being late. One of the

Teammates turned Foes: Kershaw will be pitching against the his former teammate Matt Kemp, who is now on the Padres
Teammates turned Foes: Kershaw will be pitching against the his former teammate Matt Kemp, who is now on the Padres

biggest things will be Matt Kemp facing against the Dodgers with his new team San Diego which is going to be a sight to see for many fans. Dodgers are the favorites to win the NL West but they will have their hands full with the Giants defending their World Series title (Ugh) and the Padres loading up their roster to make a run at the Postseason. Los Angeles will have their hands full this season but we can expect the team to be ready to play.

This year will be special and the Dodgers will look to get off on the right foot against a loaded Padres team. Whether you’re attending or watching at home or the bar, Take the time to embrace that Baseball is back! If you’re attending I ask for you to be safe and responsible. No drunk driving as there are many forms of transportation to and from the stadium and please don’t get kicked out of the Stadium.



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