Dodgers and Time Warner Situation: “Isn’t Much You Can Do”


  Another season is days away. The Dodgers have a new look and looking to make a push towards bringing home a World Series for the first time since 1988. While the team is getting ready for Opening Day, 70% of the Los Angeles market continues to be blacked out from watching Dodger games on TV. For another season Time Warner Cable and other cable providers such as Dish and DirecTV will not be carrying Sportsnet LA and at this point won’t be carrying it anytime soon. Many thought a deal would come soon but now it has gotten to the point where it’s be recommended for people to switch providers in order to see their team play this season. Dodger fans without Time Warner are outraged and simply switching providers or doing absolutely noting yet. This situation has become a pretty ugly one and I’m honestly not surprised anymore at this outcome nor care anymore.

  Last year I thought it was pretty sad that the Dodgers took a deal that would have majority of the market blacked out from watching Dodger games and I still feel that way. However I managed to get over it and found ways to watch/listen to games with no complaints. I also figured that Time Warner would come to an agreement soon to allow many to watch the Dodgers on TV once again but apparently that wasn’t going to happen. Let me put it to you like this, The chances of DirecTV and Dish to get Sportsnet have grown slimmer and slimmer and it look like the only people who do care are the fans. FCC hasn’t had much success to bring the two parties together to strike a deal, MLB isn’t getting involved at all, and the Dodgers won’t be doing anything anytime soon. So if any of the major parties won’t help or do anything about this then why should everyone get bent out of shape over it? In a day and age where you have Apps designed with radio and internet with streams of games, there are ways to watch games. Yes it’s not fair that you have to go through the hassle of finding streams to watch games or listen to radio broadcasts but at this point do you have a choice? I mean the options to do something about it isn’t that great and do have a backlash.

“I’m switching Cable Providers!” Okay I understand why you would do this but think about it for a second here. If you have DirecTV or Dish what’s the point of switching to a different cable provider for ONE channel? Yeah you’ll get to see the Dodgers but if you have a good deal with one cable provider (And in my opinion better than TWC especially if you have DirecTV) Why switch? Because they don’t have one channel? At least have a legit reason other than wanting to watch the Dodgers because you won’t be watching Sportsnet All day every day.

“Let’s Boycott Games” Now this I feel is a dumb way to send a message. Why? Because this would be sending a message to the wrong people. While the Dodgers did indeed sign the deal, Lets not act as if we really didn’t think about this happening. Yes the Dodgers should’ve thought about the number of fans in their market but when you’re making a business decision then the thought of fans isn’t really in mind. Dodgers were gearing to do this since new ownership took over. I believe that was announced since day one. Trying to have an empty stadium really won’t do much at all because folks already bought tickets and will continue to buy to see their team play since they can’t watch on TV. Blackout=ticket sales and that has shown.

Overall the Dodgers and Time Warner made their bed and now they have to lay in it. As fans only thing we can do is request the channel, cuss out the cable companies, and watch games via streaming and radio apps. Do we want our Dodgers on TV? Yes we do but I mean honestly we can’t be surprised that this is going on right?



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