NFL at Dodger Stadium?

Chavez Ravine has been on the NFL radar since the late 1990’s. NFL could finally make it’s way to Dodger Stadium.

This maybe outside the usual Baseball/Dodgers talk that I usually post on here but I wanted to break away from that and talk about something that relates to the Dodgers as well as Los Angeles. With Super Bowl Sunday on the way (Or here depending on when this was posted or when you started reading this) I figured I touch on something that has Los Angeles buzzing for a few months. For about 20 years Los Angeles has been without a NFL franchise for years there has been rumors that a team would move yet nothing came to light. Through 2014 and the start of 2015 the rumblings of a NFL team moving to Los Angeles has gotten louder and louder to the point where a Stadium over in Inglewood that’s being funded by St Louis Rams Owner Stan Kroenke (Dodger fans may have heard his name before) will be voted on in June for approval to move forward with building the 80,000 Seat Stadium. 2015 No team will be moving to Los Angeles but what about 2016. Well from the looks of it to me it’s about a 85% chance that a team comes to Los Angeles next year but the key question will be where and how does this relate to the Dodgers?  When a team comes to L.A. they’ll have to play at a temporary site until a new State of the Art Stadium is built for them. Two of the obvious choices are the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and the Los Angeles Coliseum but for the last 4 months there has been another location that’s in play to be a temporary location for an NFL team. That location is non other than Dodger Stadium. It’s no secret that the NFL loves Chavez Ravine and since the late 1990’s there’s been efforts to build a stadium next to the Stadium. While those efforts failed before it hasn’t stopped the NFL from looking. Recently a picture has surfaced of what appeared to be a layout of Dodger Stadium with a Football field there which brought even more speculation to a NFL return to L.A. and a team inside of Dodger Stadium. Recently there’s been a host of events outside of baseball at Dodger Stadium but never Football of any stature. I know many Baseball fans are screaming No at the possibility of this happening and others a trying to figure out why would the choose Dodger Stadium over the Rose Bowl or Coliseum? There are plenty of reasons why and they actually make logical sense too. Dodger Stadium is the biggest Baseball stadium and seats about 56,000 while the Rose Bowl and Coliseum seats over 90,000 so the two may seem like an attractive choice over Dodger Stadium but there are concerns about filling up a good portion of the stadium maybe it being too big to fill up. With Dodger Stadium the seats would be good enough to fill up on a weekly basis. Location is also something to bring up as well. Although we’re speaking on temporary sites Dodger Stadium is a very ideal location for the NFL. Dodger Stadium is right there in Los Angeles and has amazing views from the top of the ravine with the mountains behind Left and Right Field and the Los Angeles Skyline behind top deck. It’s also between 4 different freeways and has Public transportation line that reaches from Union Station and from the South Bay area as well. I can’t say it can handle traffic for a fact but it’s accessible for many people. Not to mention ample of room for tailgating. Rose Bowl also has ample of room but there are questions about the city of Pasadena and residents (I could be wrong) wanting to deal with an extra day of Football (UCLA on Saturdays) and the Coliseum lacks parking and room to tailgate (USC Campus would likely be closed off for NFL would be my guess). Let’s not forget the renovations Dodger Stadium underwent which makes it very attractive for an NFL team and has a lot of things an NFL team could have for in a state of the art stadium despite being 53 years old. Rose Bowl also is NFL ready while the Coliseum still needs to be worked on. Something else that’s been mentioned is the possibility of two teams coming to Los Angeles so it could be possible that one team plays in Pasadena while the other plays at Dodger Stadium.

With all of this talk how does this work and why would they allow this? NFL season usually starts whenMLB is right in the heat of things and could conflict with the Dodgers. Not to mention Dodger Stadium has never hosted football so  a football field wouldn’t actually fit in the Stadium. Well I can refute these things right here myself.MLB usuallyannounces is schedule in Early to mid November. This will give the NFL and Dodger Stadium time to workout the NFL weekly schedule, Field worked on, and other stuff. Oakland is the only stadium that holds a NFL andMLB team

Dodger Stadium hosting soccer in August 2013.
Dodger Stadium hosting soccer in August 2013.

and if anything they’ve made it work for years. I don’t think Dodger Stadium would have trouble working this out for two years that they house a team. While it’s true Dodger Stadium never hosted football before it doesn’t mean they can’t place a field in there. In August of 2013 the Stadium hosted a soccer double header. Soccer fields are generally bigger than football fields length and width wise. In the picture that surfaced earlier in the week it shows the field stretching from home plate to the outfield walls but in a picture that was tweeted months ago when it was said that Dodger Stadium was in play another picture showed that a football field would that way inside of the stadium. When soccer was hosted the field ran from the Dodgers dugout to the right field foul pole (Pictured on the right). To me that is the most ideal way to place a field inside of the stadium. logically it makes a lot of sense for many reasons, mainly size. It can be done but it’s just a matter of will they be willing to even do it? Back to the question I’m sure everyone will be asking. Why would this be allowed? Well Dodger Stadium usually hosts baseball from March to September if you don’t count postseason. If you do then till October but after that then what? Guggenheim, Who own the Los Angeles Dodgers, always look for events to host outside of baseball. NHL and Soccer has done it as well as concerts which meant more money for the group at Dodger Stadium and more work hours for vendors and ushers as well. NFL being at Dodger Stadium means more usage and more hours for work which I’m sure everyone can use. Guggenheim would welcome the NFL at Dodger Stadium if it means more games that runs into January. Also maybe the potential that Magic Johnson and Guggenheim buying a share of an NFL franchise? I doubt it’ll happen but who knows.

The NFL is making it’s return to Los Angeles one way or another. The writings on the wall for a return in 2016 especially with the League doing the frame-work on L.A. We may not know for sure where a brand new state of the art stadium will be yet but the temporary sites is now between the Rose Bowl, Coliseum, and Dodger Stadium. To me I think the NFL loves Dodger Stadium but a lot of thing have to be worked out before that can even happen. I’m only speaking from my point of view and what’s out there. I’ll leave it up to you guys to draw your own conclusions. All I can say and be prepared for the NFL to finally make its way Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium (Until 2018 that is).




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