Vin Scully to return to Broadcasting


It’s Time For Dodger Baseball!!! Everyone knows that line when Dodger games come on and no one says it better than Vin Scully. For 62 Seasons Vin Scully has been with the Dodgers franchise and has gone no where since then. From Brooklyn to Los Angeles he’s stuck through thick and thin. He’s already had a legendary career and next season that career will continue to be in the press box of Dodger stadium. As it was noted Vin Scully will return for his 63rd season with the Dodgers and I couldn’t be any more happier to type this. I usually share my Baseball talk but this is bigger than baseball in my eyes. A man who’s been with the Dodgers for pretty much his whole career is simply amazing to words I can’t even speak of. As a Dodger fan growing up whenever you couldn’t make it to the Stadium or on West coast Road trips you heard the voice of Vin Scully and his stories that he told in-between pitches. Even telling us about the player playing.

Growing up as a Dodger fan you always heard the voice of Vin Scully which is truly an amazing thing that we should all be thankful for. In the future most of us will be telling stories about Vin Scully and how we heard/watched games with him broadcasting. I honestly believe theres no one better in baseball than Vin Scully. Truly the best ever and I’m glad that we will get him back next year to call his 63rd Season.



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