Don’t Stop Believin- Is it time for Dodger Stadium part ways with the Song?

  Since 2008 Dodger Stadium has played the song “Don’t Stop Believin” In the middle of the 8th Inning. Incase you don’t know Journey, A Rock Band from San Fransisco, Sings the song that blast through Dodger Stadium every 8th inning of home games. To my knowledge many Dodger fans are really tired of the song and want the Dodgers to get rid of it. in 2010 a Dodger Blog on ESPN-LA  was calling for the Dodgers to part ways with the song. Today on my Timeline many Dodger fans spoke. It’s time for Dodger Stadium to stop playing Don’t Stop Belivin and do something else.

 I have to say that It’s time to part ways with Journey and the song Don’t Stop Believin. Lets be honest almost nobody likes the song in the 8th inning and the more they play it the louder the unhappiness for the song gets.  I also get a bit annoyed by the song everytime it comes on. Lets think about it for a few here I mean it’s not a tradition like Take me out to the Ball game so theres no big controversy on getting rid of it. I won’t get into the Journey are SF Giants fans but Don’t Stop Believin is used at AT&T park which is a bigger reason to stop using it.  Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Journey at all but the song to me and many others is overplayed and grows annoying by the minute.

  Now i have heard a suggestion that th Dodgers should use Nancy Bea more than the DJ and where I don’t have an issue with that I do believe they should  still use the DJ to satisfy the younger fans. I don’t know what you’ll use to replace Don’t Stop Believin but anything at this point will due. At this point the Fans and almost any blogger will agree with this. The Song has to go.



  1. Congrats on the front page feature Matthew! Hey, the song could always be worse. It could be Build Me Up Buttercup, like the Angels use, LOL! But I see your point, and Don’t Stop Believin’ is too heaviliy associated with the Giants now even if the Dodgers were using it first. There are so many great local bands of all eras that I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for the Dodgers to find a song that could just be theirs.
    — Kristen

    • Thanks Kristen for dropping by and thank you on the Congrats its a huge honor to be on the front page. Yes thats very true it could be worse. Its very heaviliy associated with the Giants which is part of the reason why we shouldn’t use it at all. I think they should do away with it and maybe have fan voting for a new song.

  2. I will take DSB over the new Dodgers Jukebox any day, the crowd is 10x more uninterested in the new voting, the middle of the 8th is dead now, BRING BACK DSB

  3. Good idea especially since the hated ones use that song as well but the dude who lip sings on the big screen a lot is pretty funny does anyone know the organ song that used to be played every 8th inning before Journey? It was played in the 90s and early 2000s and it’s awesome and nostalgic!!


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